Alan Marten provides the visuals to sell your projects. Mr Marten understands a client’s needs and quickly turns conceptual ideas into finished, highly professional sellable images. Clients return to Alan Marten again and again for his visual perception, his perspective eye, and his ability to fully translate abstract ideas to concrete visual statements.

Alan Marten designs large city scale city planning projects, skyscrapers, airports, retails as well as high-end residential projects.

Alan Marten has worked on many large scale national and international projects with the UK’s best architectural practices.

With an uncanny ability to transform words and vague conceptual ideas into finished designed projects on paper, Mr Marten now works as a design consultant on major projects offering design services in form of architectural perspectives.

Not only a gifted drawer, Alan Marten has the technological know-how of three decades experience working as a practicing architect and can design and render large scale urban master plan concepts or highly elaborate construction details equally as well.

A welcome counterpoint to the often hyper-real computer generated perspectives which leave clients little to imagine, Alan is now sought out of his unique and highly expressive hand drawn architectural renderings which capture the essence and spirit of a project with a consistency and accuracy second to none. 


Commerzbank, Alan Marten Designs

“We have worked with Alan since we set up our practice in 1994.  Alan has prepared poetic and beautiful images for us on many important projects that have been essential in helping us win work and aiding our clients to visualise ideas. There is no one working in the industry who has Alan’s talent for depicting buildings and spaces at the early stages of a project. Alan also works hard to ensure deadlines are met and is a pleasure to work with.”

Cindy Walters and Michál Cohen

Walters and Cohen Architects